Have you ever fantasized about becoming or becoming an agnostic? It’s an indication that your skepticism is growing. You doubt facts and wisdom that others have imparted to you.

Imagining Becoming Agnostic

It is not necessary to lose trust in your religion if you find yourself losing confidence in the church and becoming an agnostic believer. It has a more vital link to losing faith and affiliation with individuals close to you. You aren’t as trusting of those people as you once were. Instead, you’re seeking tangible evidence that they’re deserving of your friendship and affection.

Dream About Your Religion’s Agnostic Tendency

In your dream, seeing oneself seeking additional tangible evidence of your religious conviction, or displaying an agnostic propensity to ask questions, foreshadows that you will soon face severe challenges to your religion. The dream is less about how God will show up for you when you need it. But it’s more about how you’ll handle uncertainty and faith tests.

Have a dream about your church brothers and sisters becoming atheists.

If you dream about your congregation turning agnostic, it means they are facing religious persecution and faith issues. Consider reaching out to them and being more supportive of them throughout the day. They are under stress and may lose faith if no support shows are visible. Please pray for them.

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