Have you had any dreams about the anus? Seeing your anus in a dream represents negative emotions that you have repressed since childhood. Guilt, shame, and self-worth are all represented by the anus. This is especially true if you are having anus issues in your dream. Discover all of the anus dream symbols right now.

The anus is also associated with generosity or stinginess, related to the poop dream, particularly with fast-moving material things like money.
Anus Bleeds in Your Dreams

If you have a dream that your anus is bleeding in any way, it means you are likely to suffer a minor setback at work.

Have you ever had a dream about being too tight or too swollen?

Anus You or someone you know is anal retentive and needs to loosen up a little.

Anus Dream Meaning – Top 2 Dreams About Anus: 5 Dreams Thoughts

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