Have you ever had a dream involving arrows? In dreams, an arrow indicates the energy and process that leads to the goal you’re aiming for. You’re creating objectives, and you know exactly what you need to do to arrive at your destination or aim. To acquire specific insights, think about how you’re utilizing and the sort of Arrow you’re using in your dream.

An Arrow Is Fired

Dreaming of firing an arrow differs from dreaming of shooting a gun in that it implies that you will succeed and strike the target. You’ve singled out something or someone, and you’re not going to quit until you’ve achieved your goal. You’re getting right to the heart of the problem or issue.

Arrow Fails to Take Off

Dreaming about arrows failing to launch or missing targets denotes a lack of progress toward your objectives. You lack the necessary desire, energy, and power for a good setup. Consider going through your motives or basis again. You’ve already missed your target before you’ve even begun.

Breaking Bows and Arrows

Breaking a Bow and Arrow in a dream represents disappointments and broken relationships. You’re reconsidering your position on collaborating with others to achieve your objectives. Perhaps you’ve run across some roadblocks and are considering quitting up.

On Fire with a Flaming Arrow

Dreaming about blazing arrows on fire is a message to be more aware of your power and influence. As you get closer to your objectives, you could start a larger fire, such as a woodland or castle fire. Once you’ve achieved your objective, expect a lot of adjustments.

Arrows to Watch

Arrow pointing in a certain direction

An arrow pointing in a certain direction, like a compass, indicates various paths toward your choices. Pay attention to what it indicates in the dream since it may assist you in solving your issue and navigating your way out of the labyrinth.

Making and Crafting Arrows

If you dream about honing metal or stones to make an arrow, it means you are preparing yourself for success. You’re deciding whether to take a chance at a promotion or to entirely change your life. However, you only have a little window of chance.

Being hit by an arrow and being shot

Dreaming of being struck or shot by a flying arrow represents your defenses being punctured or penetrated. Tension and pressure will be applied to your sentiments or past beliefs. Pay attention to the message and external factors. You could fall in love or alter your mind about a certain prejudice.

The Sky’s Arrow

Dreaming about an arrow soaring across the sky indicates that you should consider all choices before making a final decision. You don’t know where you’re going yet, but you should enjoy the journey and the experience.

Arrow of Death

In the dream, you will enter into a heated dispute with those who breach the surface related to war and agony. Negative emotions and sensations will rise to the top.

Taking Care Of An Arrow

Tossing an arrow instead of firing it with a bow in a dream indicates that you are not correctly utilizing your tools. Perhaps you desire something so badly that you disregard the steps that might lead to success. Consider enlisting the assistance of others to help you attain your objectives.

Purchasing an Arrow

Having a dream about purchasing an arrow foreshadows that you will be involved in a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Perhaps you’ll ask someone out on a date or invest in a test prep course.

Being presented with an arrow

Dreaming of receiving an arrow foreshadows someone asking you to take a shot at something. He or she will seek your assistance, and you will do all possible to assist them in overcoming their difficulties.

Arrow that spins

The spinning Arrow in your dream signifies your fear of disclosing your genuine intention and secret. You are, however, ready to display your bravery and cards when the time comes.

Arrow Items that are related


The arrowhead in your dream represents your willpower. You’ll go to any length to achieve your objectives.

Trap with Arrows

Seeing an arrow trap represents competing thoughts and points of view. When communicating your aspirations with others, tread cautiously and consider both views. You may set off people’s alarms, causing them to become protective.

Tattoo of an arrow

An arrow tattoo represents your commitment to achieving a certain objective in a dream. You keep reminding yourself of the goal and the wider picture.

Broken Arrow is a broken arrow.

Finding arrowheads in a dream represents your abandoned aspirations. They represent your ideas that never took flight or materialized.

Arrow of Feather

Feather arrow is a sexual symbol associated with the penis and its power to penetrate dreams.

Red Arrow is one of the most used arrow colors.

The red Arrow in your dream signifies happiness and fulfillment in your accomplishments.

Arrow of the Golden

A golden arrow signifies that your financial expectations will be met in a dream. You’ll undertake lucrative contracts and enterprises that will net you a lot of money.

Arrow of Silver

Dreaming about silver arrows foreshadows favorable timing and good fortune.

Arrow of the Darkness

The presence of a black arrow in your dream foreshadows the delivery of bad news to others.

Arrow, White

In a dream, a white arrow represents strength and knowledge. You must maintain a neutral stance.

Green Arrow is a superhero who fights crime.

The green Arrow in your dream represents your interactions with others.

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