Have you ever had a dream about Arson? Arson is a symbol of unspoken wrath and a desire to undermine your own or others’ potential success. You’re probably quite jealous of other people’s good fortune. And you’re quietly enraged by life and the situation you’re in. This wrath may one day engulf you, causing you to make poor decisions.

Arson is something I’ve always wanted to see and see.

In your dream, seeing and seeing someone conduct Arson suggests your desire not to protect the existing quo or system. You want to see your adversaries and competition fail. Perhaps you’re annoyed because they don’t play pretty. You hope they’ll be apprehended and their reputation damaged.

Arson is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Imagining oneself committing arson and torching buildings represents a release of anxiousness about the circumstance. You may owe money or have a mortgage that you can’t afford to pay. Your fury is on the verge of exploding. It forces you to make either rash or well-thought-out judgments to get out of your predicament. You want to obliterate something so that you may start afresh.

Imagine yourself as a victim of an arson attack.

Dreaming about being the victim of an arson assault foreshadows someone with nefarious intentions sabotaging your company or profession. Someone is resentful and envious of your success, and if they discover your flaw, they may ruin your life.

Arson Fraud is a nightmare for many people.

To see someone or yourself attempting to set fire to a building to benefit, such as via insurance fraud, is a sign that you will use some loopholes in your daily life to generate money and get an advantage. The dream suggests explicitly that someone has taken advantage of you in the past. Now you’re going to do a U-turn and earn your fair share. It might also indicate that you are experiencing irreversible failures or losses. To get back on your feet, you’re adopting drastic, maybe criminal methods. The dream might be a metaphor for purposeful and planned bankruptcy in waking life.

The arsonist is a fantasy of mine.

Arsonists appear in dreams, implying anti-establishment groups such as demonstrators. Someone attempts to make a statement and tell a story using dramatic actions such as a labor strike or deliberate sabotage. Pay attention to the seeming rebellious behaviors’ motives and motivations. So that you may decide on the best course of action to deal with these resistances while they are still manageable.

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