Have you ever had a dream about buttons? Seeing a button on your garments represents riches and stability in your dream. If you see two identical buttons that clip onto one other, two individuals must unite as one. Different dream interpretations involving buttons and garments are shown below.


Dreaming about closed-button professional clothes like suits and dress shirts indicates you are too cautious. Maybe you should loosen yourself and quit tying yourself up.

Clothing Unbuttoning

Unbuttoning your clothing in a dream represents opening oneself up to people on a mental, emotional, or sexual level.

Wear Clothes With Missing Buttons

You were wearing a damaged self-image by wearing a piece of fabric or garment with misplaced or missing buttons. You are uneasy and self-conscious about yourself.

Buttons in a Box or Pile

Dreaming about unfastened buttons indicates squandering your money and fortune on insignificant purchases.

Putting Buttons on Clothes

Sewing or repairing buttons with needles and threads in your dream indicates that you are mending and healing relational rifts in your life. Perhaps you and your close relatives or friends have fallen out and must patch things up.

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Kyle Chadwick

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