Did you dream about a cannon? Cannons in dreams signal that there is something serious that has to be done quickly. An explosive offensive or defensive action will be done shortly. Consider the sort of vehicles that the cannon is being put on. You can gain additional thoughts on what the underlying problem may reveal. For example, is the gun on a pirate ship, battleship, or fighter plane? They might give you tiny signals on how to continue your following action plans.

Dream About Shooting Cannon

Shooting a cannon in the dream foretells that you will soon use dramatic steps to obtain your aims. The dream is similar to firing a pistol and might have sexual undertones.

Dream About Types Of Cannons

Water Cannon

Water cannons, like being used in demonstrations in dreams, a signal that someone would employ suppressive powers to shut down any opposing voices. The dream means that you will have poor employers or professors. These folks will make you feel awful and sad by expressing objections to their lessons or directives.

Laser Cannon

Dreaming about laser cannon implies focused measures to reach your objectives. If you are using the laser gun to kill a drone in the dream, it implies that you will eliminate anybody who is attempting to tamper with your private life. It will take you much time and preparation to eventually choose to take action. But once you do, you will make sure that your assault counts, you believe enough is enough, and you will take care of the issue once and for all.


Cannonballs in dreams signify that you are hiding wrath and hostility. These balls of negativity are pulling you down. You will need to discover how to liberate yourself from such influence.

Cannon in a Circus

To see artillery at a circus in the dream implies that you will perform dangerous activities to express yourself. Perhaps you will allow your emotions and wrath to take the better of you. And you will soon present a spectacle of absolute disintegration. Be warned that others may likely make fun of your emotional outburst. They are fascinated by your exhibition of breaking down.

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