Have you ever had a dream about a clown? In the wrong meaning, clowns in dreams represent silliness and embarrassment. If you’re at a circus or a performance, the actions and clown entertainment correspond to your character’s immature and straightforward side. Within clown-related dreams, pay attention to the context and your feelings. They’ll help you figure out what clowns might mean in real life. To assist you, here are some more clown dream interpretations.

After having a dream about chasing you, have another vision about a clown.

In dreams, being followed by a clown represents your feelings of attempting to avoid certain shameful aspects of oneself. Perhaps you’re trying to conceal past activities, such as having an affair or cheating.

Or maybe you’re self-conscious about your looks, such as hair loss.

People will use your trust to deceive you and make you feel dissatisfied and embarrassed. If the clown chasing you is terrible, someone close to you is a hypocrite and a coward. Outside of view, they could be embarrassing you. On the other hand, these betrayals will come back to haunt you in the future.

Dream of a clown attempting to murder you.

Dreaming about a deadly clown attempting to kill and damage you represents your inability to control your emotions or people dragging you into embarrassment. The dream suggests that you are being bullied at work or school. People are putting pressure on you to be humiliated. People will make you the laughingstock of the town. To avoid being a target of unfriendly people, you may need to take serious measures.

Clown Costumes in Your Dreams

Clown Mask or Mask Face is a dream that many people have.

Consider being more cautious about how other people react to your activities. Dreaming about putting on a clown mask or face is a sign of careless or insincere behavior. You may have made inadvertent comments or jokes about other people. For their fear of embarrassment, people may dread or loathe you.

Makeup for Clowns Is a Dream

Dreams about putting on your clown makeup indicate that you are putting up a temporary front or smiling at others. These circumstances are very unpleasant for you. You’re attempting to persuade them that everything is fine and that you’re having a good time. However, you may be melancholy and sad on the inside.

Clown Shoes Are a Dream

Seeing clown shoes signifies that keeping a lighthearted and easygoing attitude may be the best action. The clown shoes indicate that you should be less serious about things and events. Take it easy and have fun.

Clown Costumes in Your Dreams

In a dream, wearing a clown suit means performing or behaving incompetently on purpose. Perhaps you’re holding yourself back from reaching your full potential. You’re allowing and emphasizing some aspects of your life that make you feel embarrassed. Keep an eye out for labels or prejudices that may harm your identity. Consider removing your clothing and living to your utmost potential.

Other Clowns in Your Dreams

Imagine a sad clown in your dreams.

Dreaming of sad clowns indicates that you do not regard your social circle as reliable and trustworthy. Only you can rely on yourself. You are alone and responsible for your joy and happiness. You don’t trust anyone in your life to provide you with entertainment. Others are taking advantage of you, for example, by basing their happiness on you.

Do You Have a Clown Doll in Your Dreams?

The clown doll reflects your character’s lightheartedness and childish spirit in dreams. The location of the clown doll and how well it is kept show how well you perceive this aspect of yourself.

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