Have you ever had a dream about hyenas? They denote greed or impurity. You’ll have to use meticulous methods to overcome hurdles and challenges. You can detect others’ flaws and exploit them to your advantage. To acquire more specific dream meanings, consider the activities and contexts of hyenas in the dream.

Dream of Taking Action Against Hyena

I’m fleeing from a hyena that is pursuing me.

If you dream about hiding and fleeing from a hyena, you are being manipulated in your life. You don’t dare to confront the manipulators. Those who are hypocrites and deceivers will try to prevent you from progressing. They’ll take advantage of your fear and failure.

Taking on the Hyena

If you dream about physically fighting a hyena, it means you will be fighting gossip and manipulation. Someone will try to exploit you by making you emotionally vulnerable. Be cautious and consider your options before signing any contracts. You’ll have to fight for your rights.

Purchasing Hyena

Having a dream that you are buying a hyena signifies that you will contract an illness due to your actions. Be cautious with the goods you purchase and ingest. Particularly, be wary of mindlessly trusting in witchcraft or alternative remedies.

Hyena Hunting and Killing

Seeing yourself slaughtering and hunting hyenas foreshadows your efforts to eliminate fake pals. You will be able to overcome problems that they have caused you, such as poor loans and gambling debts.

Hyena Actions in Dreams

A hyena is hunting another animal.

If you have a dream involving hyenas fighting and hunting, you are witnessing a group of people being targeted. You may have noticed instances of unfairness, such as casinos or banks preying on the vulnerable.

Hyena Biting and Attacking Me

The fact that hyenas are attacking and biting you indicates that you are in grave danger. Stalkers and con artists are seeking an opportunity to take advantage of you. There would be many anxieties and concerns on your mind.

Hyenas in Your Dreams

Hyenas are invading my house.

Dreaming about a hyena entering your home or apartment indicates that someone will soon rely on your compassion and kindness. Be wary of being utilized for estranged relatives or even ex-lovers.

Hyena Laughing

A laughing hyena denotes a vicious person with a sense of humor. They point to sociopaths who will get what they want no matter what it takes. Keep an eye out for bullies who will take pleasure in your misery for their amusement.

Hyena Appearances In Your Dreams

Hyena, enraged and untamed

Dreaming of aggressive and wild hyenas foreshadows a terrible battle and dispute. You’ll soon find yourself embroiled in a power struggle within your company.

Hyenas that have died

Seeing a dead hyena in a dream denotes some sort of failure. You will be humiliated and embarrassed as a result of your actions. Your attempt to bring comedy to a difficult situation could backfire. People will not think what you are about to undertake is amusing or fascinating.

Hyena Dog as a Pet

In a dream, having a pet hyena dog represents perseverance and patience. Don’t be too quick to give up. Make sure you receive what you want by following up on your requests.

Hyena, small

The presence of baby hyenas denotes minor issues. These challenges will have no bearing on your triumph against adversity.

Two Hyenas or a Hyena Herd

Dreaming of a hyena herd or many hyenas indicates that you will be approached to join one of several sales organizations or churches. Be wary of their motivations for recruiting you.

Colours of Hyenas in Dreams

Hyena, black

A black hyena is similar to a black panther; keep an eye out for hidden risks.

Hyena (brown)

In your dream, a brown hyena represents your ability to survive. Even in the most trying situations, you will succeed.

Hyena, White

A dream in which you see a white hyena foreshadows an impending sickness. Keep an eye out for signs of trouble breathing and laughing.

Hyena with Stripes

Dreaming of striped hyenas means that you require a strong border around yourself. Only take on challenges that you are capable of handling.

Hyena with a Spot

In a dream, spotted hyenas signify gangs; be cautious of the mob you are associating with yourself.

Dreams about hyenas in general

Lion And Hyena

Dreaming of hyenas and lions foretells that you will soon cross your power and control boundaries. You’ll be challenging authority figures like the cops or your boss in no time. If you want to succeed, you’ll have to select your battles carefully.

Man of the Hyena

Dreaming of a man who looks like a hyena foreshadows a bad salesman or criminal. He or she will stalk you and try to persuade you to give in through immoral ways. They will keep what they kill in the end.

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