Have you ever had a dream about lingerie? Lingerie indicates your sexual identity, desires, and body image in your dreams. To those close to you, you are realizing and feeling open about some facet of yourself. Perhaps you’re revealing a side of yourself to your spouse and close pals that has never been seen before.

Lingerie Is Something I Wish I Could Wear

Lingerie in the Bedroom

If you dream that you’re wearing lingerie in your bedroom or on your mattress bed, it means you’ll be performing in front of a small number of people in a private situation. You will not fall short of other people’s expectations, and you are confident in your ability to do successfully.

Imagine Someone Else Wearing Lingerie in Your Dreams

Dreaming about your wife in lingerie foreshadows her enticing you and drawing your attention to something. If someone else is wearing lingerie in your dream, though, you should be wary of possible seducers who might lead to affairs or adultery.

Wearing Lingerie in Public is a big no-no.

Dreaming that you are wearing lingerie indicates that you are quite relaxed. You’re pleased with the way you’re interacting with the outside world. If you’re embarrassed about it, it’s a sign that you’re afraid of being judged for your sexuality or revealing secret impulses.

Lingerie is something I’ve always wanted to get my hands on.

Lingerie Trying On

If you have a dream about putting on lingerie, it means you are seeking to satisfy a sexual and emotional urge. Perhaps you want to alter your appearance or attitude in order to be viewed differently.

Getting Lingerie as a Present

Giving someone lingerie as a present in a dream indicates that you are attempting to acquire a more personal connection with another individual. You’re making up for a lack of personal actions by longing for a fresh spark in your relationship.

Lingerie-Related Nightmares

Embarrassing Underwear

Dreaming about unattractive lingerie reflects your own body image and self-esteem. You can be ugly and believe there’s nothing you can do about it. Perhaps you’re concerned about how others see you.

Lingerie is on my mind.

Lingerie Unknown

Seeing a stranger’s underwear in your personal space in a dream foreshadows the possibility that your partner or spouse would betray you, similar to a lipstick stain dream.

Lingerie That Doesn’t Fit

Dreaming about your underwear not fitting you is a warning sign that problems in your family and love life are on the way. You are not living up to your partner’s expectations.

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