Did nails show up in your dreams? The nails in your dream show how hard you work to keep things together. You will have to drive hard, make deals, and bargain to reach your goal. Think about how strong, long, and made of the metal or iron nail is in the dream to figure out what it means. Pay attention to how and why you relate the nails in your dream to things happening in your waking life.

Want to work with nails in your dreams?

Hammering Nails

If you dream of hammering nails into your head, you will soon be able to put an issue to rest. You have figured out what to do, how to do it, and from what angle to attack the problem. You are dealing with things in the right way and with force.

Using Pliers to Pull Nails Off

If you’re picking nails off of other things, you’re not ready to commit to a person or situation. You are backing out of plans you already made. You might feel like you didn’t make the right choice or didn’t fit. You no longer want to take part in projects and help with them.

Taking Nails Up From the Floor

If you dream that you are picking loose nails off the floor, you will have to work long and hard for little pay. Someone is trying to make your life harder on purpose by asking you to get needles from the haystack. If you don’t have the patience or do things quickly, you could hurt yourself.

If you have nail problems in your dreams

Stepping on a Nail

If you see yourself stepping on a nail, you will get hurt by someone else’s plan without their knowledge. You will get in the way of what other people want to do. And if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll get hurt. For instance, the dream could mean that you might lose your job if your company merges with another or if the management changes.

Nail Causes a Flat Tire

If you dream that you have a flat tire, you will be confused for a while. Someone will make it hard for you to move around and do what you want. Someone might use a contract’s terms, conditions, or fine print to stop you from doing certain things.

Think about where your fingernails are.

Nail in Hand or Foot

If you dream that someone nailed your foot or hand down, it means that your friends and family will put you in a hard situation. You won’t have much chance of getting away from what they want.

Think About Tools for Nails

Right on Target

If you see a nail in the head, you won’t have time to rest. Something very bad that will give you a lot of pain and headaches. You will be caught cheating or having an affair, and there won’t be much you can do to get out of it.

Nail in the Lip

If you have a nail in your mouth, you need to be careful about what and how you say things. It tells you that you are likely to hurt yourself if you share private information.

Eye-Poking Nails

Nails in the eye mean serious health issues that could lead to blindness. You can’t see the obvious problems in real life.

The Walls Have Nails

If you see nails in the wall for no reason, you waste time and money. But if you use nails to hang paintings or photos, you are making memories with friends and family that will last a long time.

Think about the different kinds of nails and how they look.

Long Nail

If you dream that your nails are long, you will leave a lasting impression on people. Your deep roots and connections will help you make a big difference.

The worst place to sleep.

If you dream about a mattress or bed of nails, your loved one won’t understand you. Because of misunderstandings and bad decisions, he or she will break your heart.

Rusty Nail

If you dream of rusty nails, your business connections, and old friendships may become rusty and end. Maybe that person will no longer need your help. If things at your organization keep getting worse, they might start to fall apart like furniture with rusty nails.

Nail Gun

In the dream, nail guns stand for a rough and tough force. You will act and make decisions as quickly and with as much impact as a stapler.

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