Did the octopus show up in your dreams? When you dream about an octopus, you think about its many arms. When you dream of an octopus, you are greedy and clingy. Since octopuses live in the deep sea, octopus dreams can also mean that you are secretive and like to play with people. Here are some more specific octopus dream meanings to help you figure out what they mean.

Dream of an angry octopus attacking you

You have a dream that an octopus attacks you or grabs you.

If an octopus attacks or grabs you in your dream, something hard is getting in the way. For example, you have overbooked yourself and taken on too much in different jobs and relationships. So, they are making it hard for you to make good decisions.

Dream of an octopus biting you

If you dream that an octopus bites you, it means that greed is hurting your relationship. Someone in your life may want too much of your time or money.

Think about octopuses in your dreams. Grabbing Many Things

If you see an octopus doing many things at once, you are doing too many things at once. Be careful about juggling and trying to do too many things at once. With your goals, you might do badly in all of them. But if the octopus in the dream moves perfectly, it soon means that you will be able to do more than one thing at once.

Think about a lot of octopuses in your dreams.

If you dream of many octopuses swimming together, you will soon be in a competitive situation. The dream means that you will have to fight for survival against other greedy and hungry people. But at the same time, you will get to meet many new people at these kinds of events.

Dream of tangled up octopuses

When two octopuses are knotted together, they depend on each other.

You dream that you eat or get an octopus.

Think about eating octopus in your dreams.

If you dream about eating octopus, you want to get away from other people’s influence. You want to get past people like your mother or father who are like parents to you.

Think about octopi at night

Imagine catching an octopus in your dreams.

Seeing an octopus in your dream means that you will be able to protect and defend yourself when things go wrong. But you will have to go through a few bad things before you can heal and get better.

Think About How an Octopus Looks

Think About an Octopus as a Pet

If you dream about having an octopus as a pet, you are very intuitive and have strong feelings. Trust your gut to help you make smart decisions. Try to do this, especially when you have other things to do.

Dream of a huge octopus

If you dream of a huge octopus, you are independent, strong, and secretive. Maybe you like to be alone and watch from a distance. But when people need help, you aren’t afraid to jump in and finish things.

Think about baby octopi

If you see a small baby octopus, you can adapt to any situation. Still, you can’t do anything to change the situation. The dream shows that you will work for or follow people with more powerful personalities. But you will do well in such a place.

Think about the old octopus in your dreams.

Seeing an old and wise octopus means that you need to do more than one thing at a time. The dream tells you that you need to look at a problem from different points of view. Then, take the right steps to solve the problems to reach your goals.

Think about octopuses in your dreams. Octopus Man or Woman?

If you see an octopus with the face of a man or a woman, it means that someone will betray you soon. Someone is gathering information about you behind your back that they could use against you. People will try to get you to do things you don’t want to.

Dream About Octopus That Is Dead

If you dream of a dead octopus, your romantic life will be rough for a while. Especially, the person you care about may be involved with other needy women or affairs. Someone is hiding and having affairs and more than one relationship simultaneously. Pay close attention to what your partner does to learn more.

Think About the Colors of Octopuses

Blue Octopus Nightmares

The blue octopus in the dream means that you want to grab someone and make them feel what you feel. You might be forcing them to feel the way you do, which could choke and suffocate them.

White Octopus Nightmares

If you dream about a white octopus, you should always stay grounded. Try not to grab and hold on to everything that comes your way. Instead, try to stay true to who you are.

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