Have you ever fantasized about becoming or becoming an agnostic? It is a symptom that you are growing more cynical about everything. You are calling into question information and knowledge that has been imparted to you by other people.

Do You Have a Dream of Becoming Agnostic?

It is not always true that you are losing trust in your religion if you consider yourself as having lost confidence in the church and become an agnostic believer. A more direct correlation between this and your loss of trust and affiliation with those close to you is seen. You are no longer putting your faith in those persons blindly. Instead, you’re seeking tangible evidence that they’re deserving of your friendship and consideration for a relationship.

Dream About Having an Agnostic Attitude Toward Your Religion

Dreaming that you are seeking further physical evidence to support your religious beliefs or that you are questioning your religious beliefs foretells that you will be subjected to substantial tests of your religious beliefs shortly. The dream is less concerned with how God will demonstrate himself to you when you are in need. However, it is more about reacting to situations of uncertainty and faith tests.

I dream that my brothers and sisters in the church were atheists.

In your dreams, you may see members of your church turning agnostic, which indicates that they are experiencing religious assaults and spiritual issues. Consider reaching out to them and being more supportive of them during your waking hours as well. They are under stress, and if they do not perceive evidence of support, they may begin to doubt their abilities. Please pray for them.

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