Have you ever had a dream concerning your hands? Hands indicate your connections and how you interact with the world in dreams. Hands may also connote authority, power, safety, and justice. Always examine the activity that the hands are doing and the context of seeing hands when interpreting the focus of hands in a dream. Other explanations of hands in dreams are discussed further down.

Imagining Different Hands

Hand on the left

In the dream, your left hand represents your graciousness and your feminine, receptive attributes.

Hand to the right

The right hand may represent manly and energetic qualities, or it can also mean “being right.”

Detached Hands on Their Own

Detached hands imply that you are having difficulty communicating your point of view. Someone does not comprehend you and is not attempting to do so. The dream might also represent emotions of isolation.

Dream About Your Hands’ Appearance

Hands of a Child

Tiny baby hands indicate your maternal enthusiasm or want to be needed.

Hands that be hairy or rough

Dreaming about hairy or rough hands denotes a lack of tenderness in interacting with people.

Hands Formation in a Dream

Hands clasped

To have a dream in which clasped or clenched fists represent oneness, completion, acceptance, or agreement.

Hands in Your Dreams

Hands in the Form of a Fist

The first represents both violence and justice.


This means you’ll be meeting new folks.

Hands That Have Been Injured in Your Dreams

Hands of Blood:

Hands stained with blood represent your shame over wrongdoing.

Hands that have been broken:

If the bones in your hands or palms break, you have a fractured spiritual connection with people.

Hands-on with the Flames:

Hands-on fire indicates that you are suffocating yourself by incorrect or rash decisions. Perhaps you were unaware of the risks and dangers involved with the activities at hand.

Hands Tied or Stuck Together:

Sticking or tying up hands with glue, rope, or handcuffs denotes your incapacity to reach out and aid others. Perhaps you’re feeling helpless in the face of a circumstance causing someone you care about pain.

Amputation or Cutoff of Hands:

You may have lost or damaged your capacity to communicate with others. It’s also possible that you’ve lost your job talents. If you dream about someone cutting off and amputating your hands, it means you are losing your sense of touch. In a dream, cutting one’s left hand represents losing one’s feminine side. The loss of the masculine aspect is symbolized by chopping off the right hand.

Stinging Hands from a Bee or Wasp:

It means you’re dealing with a tough client.

Hands that are Bitten:

Have nightmares about other creatures biting your hands or dogs biting your hands. Suggest that the person represented by the animals is causing you harm.

If you don’t have a hand, or if you don’t have a hand

If you have a dream about missing hands that don’t exist, you’ve lost your power and capacity to achieve anything.

Cut or Stabbed:

Dreaming of something damaging or hurting your hands indicates failing to complete a project or communicate effectively.

Hands Action in Your Dreams

Providing Assistance:

If someone else is assisting you, it indicates that you require assistance. Do not be hesitant to seek help or rely on others from time to time.

Hands in Hands:

Holding hands with someone in a dream implies love, affection, and connection with that person. Holding hands with your ex in a dream might indicate that you miss his or her company and are terrified of losing contact with him or her forever.


A handshake in your dream indicates that you have reached an understanding with someone about anything.

Something is being washed or cleaned:

Keep an eye on the thing you’re cleaning. Washing clothing or doing laundry, for example, signifies that you are rejuvenating your exterior appearance. Cleaning windows with your hands denotes a desire for a better vision of life. Washing or cleaning goods by hand without using any additional instruments implies that you are following the most natural approach to these tasks, which may or may not be beneficial at times.

Hands Holding Objects in Dreams

Holding a Shattered Glass:

This indicates that someone will shatter your connection with him or her. What’s left behind might be hazardous. Therefore it’s time to get rid of it.

Using Hand-Held Weapons:

Watch alert if the hand in your dream concentrates on equipping and wielding a weapon such as a pistol or a hand grenade bomb since violent activities may ensue. Perhaps you could strive to better manage your fury and anger.

Bird and Hand:

Birds in your palm or attempting to land indicate that you want to be free. Or that if you keep the bird captive, you have taken away someone else’s freedom. For extra information, pay attention to the kind of birds you see, such as eagles, pigeons, or others.

Consider what you’re doing with your hands in your dreams.


Washing your hands in a dream suggests a troubling problem that you need to resolve. Consider what kind of grime you have on your hands; it could provide insight into the difficulties.

Itchiness in the Hands:

If the left-hand itches, it means you’ve received the money. When the right or both hands get itching, it indicates that money has been given or lost.

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